• Easy to use

    We dislike overcomplicated tools with tons of features that nobody really use. We created a simple and graphically appealing user interface that you'll love to use. All features are located on single screen directly on your own website and we provide key shortcuts for frequently used functions.

  • Perfect overview

    Click heatmaps that visualise clicks of your visitors are the basis of the service, of course. Equally important, however, is information about how far they are willing to scroll down on the page. With our tool you can easily find how quickly decreases importance of page elements with increasing depth.

  • Responsive webpages and mobile devices

    Visitors display and use your website from a number of different devices and thus with different size of the screen. We can distinguish such situations, collect and present the data in a way that makes sense. Clicks and scroll information will maintain the format of the website in different resolutions. Collected data makes sense also for fluid design of the pages. You can also see which formats of your website are really used by the public.

  • Privacy

    We don't collect any personal data and we don't use cookies to track visitors of your website. The single information we know is the name of your domain and billing information that you give us at registration. All other informations are kept only in the form of irreversible hashes.

  • Flexibility

    Deployment of the Monkey Tracker script is matter of a few minutes and complexity is similar to deployment of Google Analytics script. Moreover, if you have a Google Tag Manager deployed to your website you can do that on you own - just following the instructions.

  • Adaptability

    Monkey Tracker can adapt to wide range of web technologies - from static web pages to rich javascript applications using HTML5 or hasbang to separate different pages of the web. The single requirement is that you change URL address of the browser (at least fragment part) or use HTML5 History API. This practice is beneficial for your visitors for several other reasons.

  • Aggregated results for standardized pages

    If you're running e-shop with dozens or thousands products your visitors (and their statistics) will spread over all of the website and thanks to different URLs your results might not be as representative as you would require. In Monkey Tracker you can create aggregating view that will join all results from pages with the same structure in single view. You can setup several different views and look at the same data from different angles.

  • Versatility

    With single registration you can manage dozens of domains and create new accounts for your employees. If you're an agency you can administer domains monitoring for your clients and allow the customer to access the statistics of his website his own at the same time. We don't apply any limit for the number of domains or user accounts connected to single registration. You'll have everything at one place.

  • Speed

    We use CDN for distribution of the Monkey Tracker resource files - our agent won't affect loading speed of your web pages to your customers wherever in world they are. Analytics script is optimalized in a way that it doesn't slow your scripts on the site. We try to be as invisible as possible.

  • Responsibility

    We collect data continuously and record every action on your website. We have back up systems ready that would take over in case primary system fails. We track our infrastructure 24 hours a day.

  • Support for SSL

    If you're running a web site on SSL (in other terms HTTPS) we automatically adapt to it and start to use secure version of the Monkey Tracker scripts. We are not going to make you worry about mixed content in your web pages.