Opt Out - exclusion from tracking

Do you want to exclude from MonkeyTracker tracking on any of registered websites?

MonkeyTracker service is used website operators to analyze user behaviour and provides them with the information necessary for improving user experience. We do not collect more information than is absolutely necessary, while we depend on ensuring that all data has been properly anonymized. Data is stored only in aggregated form from which anyone can not infer what a particular user did nor identify specific user identity. Data are available only to owners of websites and people whom website owners trust.

We respect the user's right to decide that whether he/she wants to provide such data to the website owners and therefore respect the browser policy Do Not Track (DNT). This setting allows the user to let the world know that he/she does not wish to be tracked on browsed websites. If you follow the instructions provided below you can simply set it yourself. If our script detects DNT browser prolicy it cancels sending all the data on the server url http://analytics.monkeytracker.cz that is responsible for data collection for our service.

How to turn on Do Not Track header

Below are instructions for enabling Do Not Track policy for all the main browsers. You can also find there a minimal version of the browser to support this feature:

Desktop browsers

Chrome 23+
  1. go to "Settings"
  2. click on "Show advanced settings"
  3. tick "Send a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic"
Firefox 32+
  1. go to "Options"
  2. select the "Privacy" tab
  3. tick "Tell sites I do not want to be tracked"
Internet Explorer 9
  1. go to "Tools" (the gear icon)
  2. go to "Safety"
  3. click on "Tracking Protection"
  4. click "Your Personalized List"
  5. tick Enable
Internet Explorer 10+
  1. go to "Tools" (the gear icon)
  2. go to "Internet Options"
  3. select the "Advanced" tab
  4. scroll down to the "Security" section
  5. tick "Always send Do Not Track header"
Microsoft Edge
  1. go to "Settings"
  2. scroll down to "Advanced settings"
  3. click on "View advanced settings"
  4. tick "Send Do Not Track requests"
Safari 6+
  1. click "Preferences" in the menu bar
  2. select the "Privacy" tab
  3. next to "Website tracking" tick "Ask websites not to track me."
Opera 21+
  1. go to "Settings"
  2. select the "Privacy and Security" tab
  3. tick "Send a 'Do Not Track' request with your browsing traffic"

Mobile browsers

Safari (iOS 7+)
  1. go to "Settings"
  2. switch to the "Safari" tab
  3. on iOS 7: Tick "Do Not Track"
Firefox for Android
  1. swipe left and tap "Browser Tools"
  2. select the “Preferences” pane
  3. tap the box “Tell sites not to track me”

Did you not find your browser?

Send us an e-mail and we will try to find a way to turn the setting on in your browser.